Western Regionals!!

 We made it!  This is the last week of the season.  However, that does not mean you should stop skiing!!  Spring skiing makes you a better skier for a lot of reasons but the primary reason is you are skiing when everyone else has stopped!   Here is the training for the week: Monday:  Meet up at HJ at 4:00 pm / Skate skiing / 20 min. Warm-up / Sharpening Intervals / 10 min. Cool Down Tuesday:  Travel day / Active recovery walk or run  Wednesday:  Pre-ski the course Thursday, Friday, and Saturday:  Race, race, race!!!

Week 16 - Western Regionals Prep

Hello Everyone! This week is our bonus week of training!  If you are planning to go to Western Regionals this week is essential, if not this week is great for staying on skis a little longer into the spring so you can come back next year faster and more skilled.   Here is the plan for the week.  Monday: Meet up at Happy Jack at 4:00 / Classic skiing / 45 min. Active recovery  Tuesday: Meet up at Happy Jack at 4:00 / Skate Skiing / 1:00 Over Distance with 6 x 5 sec. Speeds Wednesday: Meet up at Happy Jack at 4:00 / Classic Skiing / Specific Strength-Double pole work Thursday: Meet up at Happy Jack at 4:00 / Skate Skiing / 45 min. Active recovery or Day off if tired! Friday: Meet up at Happy Jack at 4:00 / Classic Skiing / 1:00 Over Distance with 6 x 5 sec. Speeds  Saturday: Ski on your own 1:00 Over Distance / Technique of your choice  Sunday: Day Off / Yoga and Walk

Week 15 - State in Casper!

 Here we go!  We are headed to state this week!  You have all done so much work this season and really your hard work is done!  Now, you just have to trust your training and race fast! Here is the link to the State Race Packet with all the info: Monday:  Skate Skiing / 45 min. Active Recovery Tuesday:  Classic Skiing / 20 min. Warm-up / 10 x 5 sec. Intervals Wednesday:  Skate Skiing / 1:00 hour Over distance  Thursday:  Leave for Casper @ 8:00 am / Pre-Ski the Course / Wax Skis / Dinner  Friday, Feb. 26th 5K Classic Bibs: available at Martin’s Hut in the Stadium at 8:00 AM Course Open for Inspection: 8:00 AM  National Anthem: 9:30 AM Course Closed: 9:45 AM  Start Time: 10:00 AM  Race officials reserve the right to alter start times due to inclement weather/situations on both days if the need arises. Please advise your skiers to be within “earshot” of the stadium for race announcements. 

Week 14

 Hello Skiers! I apologize for posting the plan for this week so late! We are on week 14 of our 15 week season!  Wow, it's gone fast!  This week we will be continuing to tapper and making our focus peaking for State and Western Regionals.   Wednesday:  Classic Skiing / 20 min. Warm-up / 10 x 5 sec. Double Pole Intervals / 10 min. Cool Down Thursday:  Skate Skiing / 1:00 Over Distance  Friday:  Skate Skiing / Agility and Game Day  Saturday:  Classic Ski at Chimney Park / Leave the HS at 9:00 am / Adventure Ski! / Return 1:00 pm.

Skiing in College Q & A

Hi Skiers!  This is an amazing opportunity coach Meghan organized for us!  All of you should attend no matter what grade you are in!   On Friday, March 5 th  Laramie High School and the United States Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association (USCSA) will be hosting a virtual meet and greet for high school athletes interested in skiing in college.  This is a fairly informal, open event meant to connect athletes with college teams and open them to opportunities to continue skiing. Please help us spread the word and attract athletes to this event! The meeting will take place from 6-7 PM over Zoom. College coaches and/or athletes from University of Wyoming, Colorado State University, Western Colorado University, and Colorado Mesa University will share information about their teams and answer athlete questions. The event will be recorded for any athlete unable to attend. Please forward this opportunity along via email to any team or organization you think may be interested, and help us by

New Plan for Friday and Saturday!!

 Hello Skiers! I hope you are getting recovered from our road trip yesterday and are ready to do some training for the next two days! It is a really good idea to get these two days of training in to continue to peak for state and Western Regionals.  Here is what we have planed: Friday:  Meet 3:45 pm @ the Ski Room / Skate ski / 20 min. Warm-up / Sprint Race and Games / 10 min. Cool Down Saturday:  Meet 9:00 am @ the Ski Room / Classic Ski / 30 min. Warm-up / 7.5k Time Trial / 10 min. Cool Down See you this afternoon!

Week 13 - First week of Tapper and Cody Race

I want to start out by thanking you all for your amazing flexibility and perseverance this past weekend in Lander.  You all did such an amazing job with so much adversity thrown at you.   The exciting news is you did it!  You have made it to the point in the season where we start to Tapper!  Tapper is when we start to take the numbers of hours you have been training down and start to shorten up our interval sessions.   THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF TAPPER:  You do not want to stop training nor do you want to start anything new!!!  This is not when you start up your new hobby of roller skating at the terrain park!  If you stop training the chances of getting sick go way up.  This is not the way to ski your fastest at state.   Monday:  Classic Skiing / 45 min. Active Recovery Ski (this is an easy ski at a low intensity designed to leave you feeling recovered at the end!) Tuesday:  Skate Skiing / 20 min. Warm-up / 10 x 10 sec. Intervals / 10 Min. Cool Down Wednesday:  Classic Skiing