Summer Rollerski Clinics

 Hi Skiers! I hope you are stoked to do some rollerskiing this summer!  Here is the link to all the dates and times for our rollerski clinics: You are also welcome to come join us for any of the SNOW training. 

SNOW Memorial Day Ski Camp!

 Hi Skiers! I am excited to announce we will be hosting our Memorial Day Ski Camp again this year!  Here is a little more information about it: We have updated our webpage for the annual Memorial Day Ski Camp and we’re excited to invite you to join us! SNOW is pleased to offer the Summer Nordic Ski Camp with University of Wyoming Coaches Christi Boggs & Rachel Watson as well as team members from the University of Wyoming. This camp is specifically designed for high school/junior Nordic ski racers ages 14-19. If you want to be a better racer and learn what it takes to be a top skier in the state or at Junior Olympics or be better prepared to continue racing in college then this is the camp for you. If you are considering skiing in college this camp would be invaluable for you! The camp will take place May 27-30 at the Table in the Wilderness outside of Centennial, Wyoming. Centennial is about 25 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming. All camp participants will meet the Table in the Wildern

Jr. Nationals Here We Come!

 Here we are the week before Jr. Nationals!  We are on the last week of our peaking block which means rest is the absolute most important thing!   Here is what we will be doing for training this week: Monday:  Day off! Tuesday:  Skate Skiing / Meet at HJ at 4:00 pm / 45 minutes Active recovery Ski Wednesday:  Classic Skiing / Meet at HJ at 4:00 pm / 20 min. Warm-up / 6 x 10 second Intervals / 10 min. Cool Down Thursday:  Yoga and Rolling / Pack & Wax Skis Friday:  Leave for Minnesota!

15th Week - STATE RACE!

  Holy Moly!  What a season! This is it!  The last week of practice and our state races!  This is what you have been working for all season.  Now is the time to just put the hammer down and put it all out there because there is no reason to hold back!   Be all in, Get Stoked, and  Slay the Dragon!!! Here is the list of the skiers going to state: Caroline Bredehoft Hannah Peterson Morgan Gelwicks Colleen Sommerfeld Eliza Fay Laura Brande Zeren Homer Isa Naschold Kieren Burns Camryn Sinicki  Gideon Moore Jack Voos Colby Bluemel Sam Kaiser Austin Quillinan Emmitt Gray Kelton Rucinski Ansel Visser Braeden Ewers Emmet Shuman Tristan Smith Alternates are:  Cole Kricken Gavin Baker Thomas McCoy Ian Greenwald James Gonzalez Tuesday am:   15 – 20 min. Run On Your Own or Sleep in! Tuesday pm:  Skate Skiing / 20 min. Warm-up / 8 x 15 sec. Intervals / 10 min. Cool Down Wednesday am:   Yoga on Your Own Wednesday pm:   Classic Skiing / 45 min. Over Distance with 6 x 5 sec. leg speeds or pickups Thu

State Qualifiers

 Hi Skiers! Here is the link to the skiers who have qualified for state.  Thank you everyone for all you hard work throughout the season!

14 Week - Tapper

 Wow!  We are starting to ski great!  What a fantastic weekend of racing in Jackson!  It was beautiful, the competition was intense and the skiing was fast and fun!   Guess what?   We are in our PEAKING portion of the season!!!  Woohoo!!! This is when we take some of the training load off and let our bodies super compensate for all the hard work we have done.  It is really important that you do not stop training right now and you do not start any new activities right now.  You want to focus on staying/getting healthy, eating well, sleeping, and focusing your energy where it is needed! This Peaking program works extremely well if you: Do the training properly and don't do too much (you'll get tired and not race to your potential) Do the training properly and don't do too little (you'll get sick) Even if you are not going to state or nationals this will help you with the last couple of weeks of your season and help with any spring races you are planning to do. One last th

13 Week - Start of Tapper & Jackson Race

 I want to start out by thanking you all for your amazing racing and perseverance this past weekend in Lander.  You all did such an amazing job and I really feel like things are starting to come together for our team!   The exciting news is you did it!  You have made it to the point in the season where we start to Tapper!  Tapper is when we start to take the number of hours we have been training down and start to shorten up our interval sessions.   THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF TAPPER:  You do not want to stop training nor do you want to start anything new!!!  This is not when you start up your new hobby of roller skating at the terrain park!  If you stop training the chances of getting sick go way up.  This is not the way to ski your fastest at state.   Monday AM:  Core and Yoga on your own Monday:   Classic Skiing / 45 min. Active Recovery Ski and Technique work (this is an easy ski at a low intensity designed to leave you feeling recovered at the end!) *Name the team for Jackso