Week 3 Endurance Block - Casper Race

Monday:  Skate Skiing / 20 min. Warm-Up / Technique Intruduction & Review / 10 min. Cool Down

Tuesday am:  30 min. Easy Run On Your Own

Tuesday pm:  Classic Skiing / 20 min. Warm-Up / 3x3 Relay / 10 min. Cool Down 

Wednesday am:  Core and Yoga on Your Own

Wednesday:  Skate Skiing / 1:15 Over Distance Ski

Thursday am:  30 min. Easy Run On Your Own

Thursday:  Waxing for Casper! / 30 min. Run

Friday:  Leave for Casper at 8:30 am

Race Information: Friday, Dec. 6th, 1:00 PM - Varsity 5 km Mass Start Freestyle. JV 5km Mass Start Freestyle Bibs available at Lodge: 11:00 AM Course open for inspection: 11:00 AM Course closes: 12:45 PM Start Time: 1:00 PM Warm-up area: Ski course in the proper direction until 12:45 PM and the off trails of the maze/stadium area. Start times are approximate, as each race needs to be completed before the next can begin. *1:00 PM: Varsity Girls *1:30 PM: Varsity Boys *2:15 PM: JV Girls
*3:00 PM: JV Boys
Saturday, Dec. 7th   10:00 AM Varsity/JV 3X3 km Classic relay Bibs ava…

Week 2 - Thanksgiving Break

This is the most important training week of the season so don't let your turkey slow you down from putting in some hours of training!  If you can't be on skis take your running shoes and hit the pavement!  

We will be skiing this week again!  

However, please still bring your running shoes and your all your ski equipment!  Be ready for anything!  

Also, Please remember gloves, hats, ski clothes that are not cotton t-shirts and snakes for closing the glycogen window!

Monday:   Classic Skiing / 30 min. Warm-Up / 45 min. Classic progression practice / 10 min. Cool down

Tuesday AM:  On your own / 20 - 30 min. Easy Run! 

Tuesday: Classic ski / 20 min. Warm-Up / 30 min. Hill resistance training / 10 min. Cool Down

Thanksgiving Break Plan!

Wednesday AM:Core and yoga 9:30 am

Wednesday Afternoon:Leave from LHS Ski Room at 3:00 pm / Technique TBA / 1:30 hr Over Distance Ski  

Thursday:No Practice Happy Thanksgiving!  Get out for a 30 - 45 run or ski if you can!  If not take the day off!

Friday:No …

Week 1 - Technique and Endurance

Monday:  Meet in the YELLOW ACADEMIC POD at 3:30 pm / We will go over team Info (there are some changes this year) / Fill out Surveys / Check-out equipment and test kick zones

Monday Evening:  Parent Pre-Season Meeting at 6:30 pm
Tuesday:  Classic Skiing / 30 min. Warm Up / No Pole Skiing / 10 min. Cool Down
Wednesday:  Classic Skiing / 1:15 Over Distance Ski 
Thursday: Classic Skiing / 30 min. Warm Up / No Pole Skiing / 10 min. Cool Down
Friday:  Game Day!  Location TBA!
Saturday:  5k Running race  / Gobble Wobble / Come run or volunteer
Sunday:  Rest Day!!!


Happy first day of practice!
As we discussed at the informational meeting, practices this season will be mandatory. If you want to travel to races, you need to be at practice every day.
That said, we know there will be days you are sick/need to stay at school late/have other commitments. We've designed a worksheet that will allow you to make up practice in case you need to miss a few. You can get credit two missed practices per week, MAX, by completing this worksheet and turning it into Meghan on the Monday following the week you missed practice(s). 
You can access the worksheet by clicking here. Please download it, print it off and then fill it out throughout the week so it is ready to be turned in to Meghan on the following Monday. 
If you will be missing practice, still let us know ahead of time. If you're sick, let us know but don't come to practice!!! 

Important Dates

First, something to get you excited!

We will be having an athlete meeting after school on Nov. 11th in the Yellow Pod

The first day of practice is Nov. 18th, we will meet in the Yellow Pod.

There will be a parent meeting on Nov. 18th at 6:30 in the Yellow Pod.

The 2019 - 2020 Race Schedule is posted under the Parent Info.

Last but not least, this blog post was written by my sister is a very worthwhile read.

Start of the 2019 - 2020 Ski Season!

The cold nip to the air and the pictures of snowflakes in the forecast has inspired me to write the first blog post of the 2019-2020 ski season!

Here are a few housekeeping items you can take care of while you are waiting for the snow to start to fall!

First, if you are renting skis, base camp will be doing their rentals Nov. 1st - 14th.  There will be extended hours until 7:00 pm and the first 100 people to rent will get a gift!

If you have not gotten a physical yet now is the time to do it!  Also, go by the activities office to get the rest of your paperwork filled out.

I have put a link to the race schedule on the blog in hopes that this will help you plan ahead.

If you are interested in ordering a swix team jacket for $91 please email Amy Williams at ASAP!

Last but not least, this blog post was written by my sister is a very worthwhile read.