Clean and Store Your Skis

Clean and Store Your Skis

Spring Ski Cleaning and Summer Storage
If you have not done so already you should properly clean, wax and store your skis for the long hot summer.
1)    Kick Cleaning: Use wax remover and Fiber wipe to clean the kick zone. Video  2)    Glide Cleaning: Use base cleaner and Fiber wipe to clean the glide zone. Video here
3)    Use the finest Steel brush to clean excess dirt from base. 4)    Apply layer of Start Base glider (or Start Service or soft non-fluoro glider like Start SG2) to glide zones. 5)    While wax is still soft use scraper with low pressure to "hot wipe" wax and further dirt away. 6)    Follow with Fiber wipe and then finest steel brush again to remove dirt while refreshing base further. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as necessary until no more dirt is seen coming from base.       7)    If you suspect your skis have any base damage (i.e. base sealing) consider having the skis stoneground to reveal a fresh base in the sp…

Memorial Day Ski Camp!

I am so stoked to announce that we will be hosting our annual Memorial Day Weekend ski camp at the table in the Wilderness in Centennial again this year!  Below is a little info on the camp and you can find more on the web page.  If you need to borrow some skis for the weekend let me know.   Activities will include crust skiing (weather permitting), ski specific drills, training tips and technique tips. You will also get a personalized summer training schedule and a gift.About the Camp:High Plains is pleased to offer the High School Summer Nordic Ski Camp with special guests University of Wyoming Coaches Christi Boggs, Rachel Watson and Colorado Mesa Coach Dave Aschwanden as well as guest team members from Colorado Mesa University, Western State Colorado University and University of Wyoming. This camp is specifically designed for high school nordic ski racers ages 14-19. If you want to be a better racer and learn what it takes to be a top skier in the state or at Junior Olympics or be…

Take a Break and find your bucket!

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic Spring Break and you are all getting some rest and recovery!  After a season of hard racing and raging your proverbial bucket is pretty empty.  You have been dipping in to it all season long.  As Ella on the UW says "I can't even find my bucket!"   

Sooo... the best thing that you can do this time of year after a hard race season is to TAKE A BREAK, do a lot of active recovery and play!!!

I know some of you are jumping right in to a spring sport.  Please ease in slowly (I know probably too late already) and be kind to your body.  Think about your bucket and how you can start putting something back in to it.  The best way to do this is through rest, active recovery, rolling, rubbing and putting your legs up the wall.  Speed is not important right now and not even good.  All of these things will prevent injury.

Here is what I would suggest for training for the next month if you are not doing spring sport.

Monday:  30 min. Active…

Congratulation Boys! You made history this weekend!


Week 15: State Race!!!

Holy Moly!  What a season!

This is it!  The last week of practice and our state races!  This is what you have been working for all season.  Now is the time to just put the hammer down and put it all out there because there is no reason to hold back!  

Be all in, Get Stoked and Slay the Dragon!!!


Meet same time same place as usual 3:30 by the ski room

Classic Skiing / 30 min. warm up / Sharpening Drills / 10min. cool down 


Skate Skiing / 1:00 Over Distance - Ski the course 


Classic Skiing / 20 min. Warm Up / Natural Intervals / 10 min. Cool Down


Waxing / 20 - 30 min. Run


* Leave School after 2nd block, Load the bus and leave for HJ by 10:00 am

5km Skate: 30 second interval starts

Start time 1:00 pm 


10km (2 lap) Classsic: 30 second interval starts

Week 14: Peaking

Hi All,

This is our last week of training before state!  We will be continuing our tapper and will be 100% focused on quality over quantity.  Also it is important not to fall off the cliff and not do enough or do too much and not ever get to your peak.  

So... lets start making some music!

Monday:  Skate skiing / 30 - 40 min. Active Recovery

Tuesday:  Classic Skiing / 1:00 Over Distance

Wednesday:  Skate Skiing / 6 x 30 sec. Gravity Intervals

Thursday:  Classic / 20 min. Warm up / 20 min. Double Pole / 10 min. Cool Down

Friday:  Game and Team Picture! - please wear a black jacket or a team jacket if you have one 

* Team dinner at Amy's House!  Woohoo!!

Saturday:  1:30 Over Distance on your own