Week 15: State Race!!!

Holy Moly!  What a season!

This is it!  The last week of practice and our state races!  This is what you have been working for all season.  Now is the time to just put the hammer down and put it all out there because there is no reason to hold back!  

Be all in, Get Stoked and Slay the Dragon!!!


Meet same time same place as usual 3:30 by the ski room

Classic Skiing / 30 min. warm up / Sharpening Drills / 10min. cool down 


Skate Skiing / 1:00 Over Distance - Ski the course 


Classic Skiing / 20 min. Warm Up / Natural Intervals / 10 min. Cool Down


Waxing / 20 - 30 min. Run


* Leave School after 2nd block, Load the bus and leave for HJ by 10:00 am

5km Skate: 30 second interval starts

Start time 1:00 pm 


10km (2 lap) Classsic: 30 second interval starts

Week 14: Peaking

Hi All,

This is our last week of training before state!  We will be continuing our tapper and will be 100% focused on quality over quantity.  Also it is important not to fall off the cliff and not do enough or do too much and not ever get to your peak.  

So... lets start making some music!

Monday:  Skate skiing / 30 - 40 min. Active Recovery

Tuesday:  Classic Skiing / 1:00 Over Distance

Wednesday:  Skate Skiing / 6 x 30 sec. Gravity Intervals

Thursday:  Classic / 20 min. Warm up / 20 min. Double Pole / 10 min. Cool Down

Friday:  Game and Team Picture! - please wear a black jacket or a team jacket if you have one 

* Team dinner at Amy's House!  Woohoo!!

Saturday:  1:30 Over Distance on your own

Week 13: Peaking

Such amazing skiing happening this weekend and so much grit! 

We have officially started our peaking program so things may be changing at times so pay attention and PLEASE don't start new activities!  We only have 3 weeks until state and only 5 weeks until Jr. Nationals.  It is time to start the conversation about getting completely healthy, eating well, resting and focusing your energy where it is needed. 

This peaking program works extremely well if you:

-  Do the training properly and don't do too much (you will get tired and flat line your racing)
-  Do the training properly and don't do to little (you will get sick... again)

Monday:  Classic skiing / 30 - 40 min. Active Recovery

Tuesday:  Skate Skiing / 1:00 Over Distance

Wednesday:  Classic Skiing / 5 x 1 min. Intervals

Thursday:  Waxing / 30 min. Run and Stretching

Friday:  Leave for Lander at 6:00 am

You can find Info on the race here:

This will be our final qualifier for state and f…

Week 12: Jackson Race

Hey Guys,

While sitting on my couch on Saturday evening watching youtube videos I ran across these two videos on sick remedies.  I think it's pretty good and pretty relevant as most of the team has been fighting one sickness or another.

I would like to add on this one little bit of advice that I heard when I was sick and wondering weather I should race or not.  If it is above the neck go for it!  If it's in the chest don't.  It seems like it's worked well over the years.

Here is our practice schedule for the week:

Monday:  Skate Ski 20 min. warm up / 30 min. Finding the Balance / 10 min. Cool Down

Team Pizza and Video night - Brian's work

Tuesday:  Classic Ski / 1:15 Over Distance

Wednesday:  Skate Ski / 5 x 2 min. Intervals / 10 min. Cool Down

Thursday:  Classic Ski / 20 min. warm up / 30 min. Double Pole / 10 min Cool Down

Friday:  Leave for Jackson 7:30 am

Saturday, Feb 3 - 5km Classic Race: 15 second interval …

Week 11: No SoHo Race

Hi Everyone! 

Sorry for the delay on getting the training out for this week.  Better late than never!

Just a reminder Soldier Hollow race is canceled so we have rescheduled to go to Jackson on the 3rd.  I am planning to take the whole team for this race!  We will leave on Friday morning and be back Saturday.

Keep up your self care and keep calm and ski on!

Here's the scoop:

Tuesday:  Skate Skiing / 1:15 Over Distance / Down hill practice on Lower UW
Wednesday:  Classic Skiing / 20 min. Warm Up / 2 x 6 min. Intervals / 10 min. Cool Down
Thursday:  Skate Ski / 20 min Warm Up / Balance and Body Position Drills / 10 min. Cool Down
Friday:  Sate Ski / Game Day
Saturday:  Classic Ski / 1:30 Over Distance Trail Challenge / Mind Bender Race (Optional)

Driving to Practice

Hi All!

This is a friendly reminder that unless it is an emergency and you get permission from Mr. Qualls you should not be driving yourself up to practices. 

Thanks!  See you tomorrow!

Week 10 - Cody Race

Wow, Week 10!!!  How did that happen?  We are headed in to the final part of our season with only 5 weeks left after this one.

I hope that you are all getting some rest this weekend and getting completely healthy.

It is finals week this week and our Cody race so make sure you are prepared to leave on Thursday morning.

Also, I realized the whole season I have been using training terms that you may not know what they are with so here are some definitions.

Explanation of Zones:
Core exercises, body weight onlyStrength
exercises using external weightsActive Recovery
Yoga and any activity that is slow, under 60% of maxEasy enough you are not doing additional damage and are helping your body to recover.Over Distance
Any activity between 60-70% (below aerobic threshold)Long activities where you can still talk but are moving a good pace.Aerobic Threshold
70-80% of MaxRaces over 1 hourAnaerobic Threshold
80-90% of MaxRaces under 1 hourMax
90-100% of MaxHill bounding, Medal Test, etc.
Monday:  Core …