Week 14 - Peaking Block!

Wow!  We are starting to ski great!  What a fantastic weekend of racing in Soldier Hollow!  It was beautiful, the competition was intense and the skiing was fast and fun!

Guess what?  We have officially started our PEAKING portion of the season!!!  Woohoo!!!

This is when we take some of the training load off and let our bodies supercompensate for all the hard work we have done.  It is really important that you do not stop training right now and you do not start any new activities right now.  You want to focus on staying/getting healthy, eating well, sleeping and focusing your energy where it is needed!

This Peaking program works extremely well if you:
Do the training properly and don't do too much (you'll get tired and not race to your potential)Do the training properly and don't do too little (you'll get sick) Even if you are not going to state or nationals this will help you with the last couple weeks of your season and help with any spring races you are planning to do…

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